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Golu/Navratri inline with the way the idea would have been conceived, presents a great opportunity to connect and socialise with people who may be existing or new acquaintance. Thanks to my mother and mother in law who have helped instill the culture in not only in me but with my husband and kids.
Whilst we have been active in Golu participation for the last 30 years..thus is our first time doing the entire golu by ourselves without my mum or mum in law.

The theme we have taken is BAKTHI...within the given constraints, we picked 3 stories that really takes Bakthi to a different level..
1. Gora Khumbar, a potter whose was immersed in bakthi towards Panduranga Vittala
2. Kanapa Nayanar - the hunter who showed unconditional bakthi towards Lord Shiva and
3. Ram Bakthi - how extreme can one go..when Lakshmana was injured by Indrajeeth and Lord Hanuman saves with Sanjeevi mountain..

In addition, we have tried our best to model Thirumala Thirupathi. It is not an accurate portrayal but we picked up and innovated themes which are significant when it comes to Lord Balaji.
Hope you guys enjoy and appreciate the work to further motivate people like us though living abroad but trying to follow Indian culture and traditions.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3