Take a peek at Sripriya (Priya Prasath) Kannan's golu from Canada (+1)

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We kept the 9 steps of Golu and the steps were created from scratch by my husband. My mom gave me the Marapatchi from there we started collecting dolls from Thanjavur, Kumbakonam, and from Myalopore. This year we created aluminum 18 steps for constructing Sabari malai, Ayyapan kovil. We were having many notifications between our golu for promoting social distancing in the public park. The importance of garbage, organics, and recycle bins, in public parks. Traffic rules also about the slogan for not wasting food. We are keeping golu for the 5th year. Happy to see people visiting our golu and every year the numbers are increasing.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3