Take a peek at Srimagal Rajkumar's golu from India (+91)

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Namaskaram I am keeping golu for last 12years. This year I made Madurai Meenakshi amman moolavar alankaram. In steps Thirunelveli Nellaiappar sivan was made with cardboard and Gandimathi ammal with barbiedoll.MeenakshiSundareshwarar Thirukalyanam with dolls and adorned them with saree/vesti and jewels. Some more dolls are decoreted as Lakshmi,sarswathi,durgai,Tirupathi Gangamma,Krishnar and Radhai.Mylai karpagammabal in peacock(handmade).Happy and safe Navarathiri to all

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3

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