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This is Srilakshmi. I have started keeping Golu for past five 5 years . I have been improvising towards theme based Golu.

My idea if Gollu is to teach kids of this generation the need of the hour and the diminishing tradition and culture.

So I keep themes and teach kids a few things through my Golu.

My Golu is very very simple message giving one. I do not have big dolls but with whatever I have I create a theme and represent my Golu. And I connect it with rhymes and teach the kids.

This year my theme is " Save Water".

I have 2 dolls and a small well toy in midst of a farm. I have named them Jack and Jill.

And i have written the below Rhymes !

"Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water ..
Today its reachable,yet we don't save for it really matters!"
(Meaning in those days , they had to hard work to go to river or pond or pull from well, today its readily available on tap but we don't strive to save but waste it and it really matters)

And i have kept 2 other posters (hand written) to teach that only if water is saved the rest all things will be in place . Like trees, animals, birds etc...

Also it is important to save trees because trees do so much to us like shelter, food, rain, oxygen etc..

And representing all these mu Golu has trees, birds, animals , recycling water fountain to explain it pictorially !

And I teach all these to kids of small age group of 5 right now.

Thnk you for giving an opportunity to represent my simple Golu.

I have made a simple video of my current and previous year golu and would like to add the same.

Share your Video link if you have any
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3