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I have been setting up GOLU since 2019 after my daughter was born. My aim of GOLU is to teach our Indian tradition to children by inviting them for the event on the day of Dussehra, and talk about the culture by walking through the arrangement of toys.

This is my second year to keep the GOLU and my theme for this year is "LIFE in PANDEMIC". It starts with a strong message to "stay home and stay safe" , and depicts to maintain social distancing in events like marriages and ends by thanking the frontlines for their effort to fight the virus.

On the left, we have Mount KAILASH, the home of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Lord Ganesh is working from home granting the wishes of all his devotees - especially the wish to "release the vaccine for CORONA by 2020".

To the center, we have 5 steps arrangement. On first step, we have Tirumala Temple and Lord Balaji. On second and third steps we have Dasavataralu(10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu) , all maintaining social distancing . On fourth step we have an Indian wedding going on with restricted members and on fifth step we have the relatives who came to grace the marriage occasion.

To the right we have a village with limited number of people on the road celebrating Dussehra. A bull cart can be seen delivering daily supplies, ambulance , sanitary van and fire fighter van can be found on the road to help the people.

Finally, there is a message to showing gratitude to all the front liners who are working for the society day and night for the wellbeing of us and our children. Let's do our bit to "stay home and stay safe".

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3