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Main traditional golu

The Main Golu is set up in a traditional way with 5 steps having all the Main deities and devathas.

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Theme 1: Lockdown in Puranas
1. Lockdown in Ramayana... Seetha in ashokavanam with rakshasis around
2. Lockdown in Bhagavatham.. Vasudevar-Devaki in jail
3. Lockdown in Sivapuranam..
Brahma imprisoned for forgetting meaning of pranavam
4. Lockdown in Thiruvilayadal puranam .. Manikkavasagar story, where he gets imprisoned for building temple using the money given by the king to buy horses.
4. Current time.. School scenario, market scenario, temple scenario

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Theme 2: Parandhamanin avatharangalil Paramasivan
Matsya.. Shiva Creates pralaya
Kurma.. Shiva Takes halakala poison that comes out while churning the paarkadal
Varaha.. Adimudi kaanaadha kolam where varahar attempts to find the feet of Shiva
Narasimha.. Lord Siva takes form of Sarabeswarar to pacify Narasimha
Vamana.. Vamana blinds sukracharyar when he attempts to block the nose of kettle to stop mahabali giving 3-feet land. Siva as Sukreswarar-blesses sukracharyar to get his vision back
Parasurama.. Shiva Gives axe to Parasurama
Rama.. Rama does shiva poojai in Rameswaram
Balarama.. Banasura war, in which shiva as per boon helps Banasura and fights against balarama and Krishna
Krishna... Shiva participates in rasaleela as a gopika.
Kalki.. Lord Shiva gives horse and sword to Kalki after edges latter finishes his training from Parasurama.

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Theme 3: Baba preventing epidemic:
Baba grinds wheat and 4 women help him to do it. Baba then asks people to put the flour at the borders of the town. It is then noted that, it wasn't just wheat that was ground but cholera, which was spreading everywhere. Thus Baba saves the people from the epidemic

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3