Take a peek at Seethalakshmi Shambashivan's golu from United States (+1)

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My Golu collection created over last 17 years is a mix of traditional bommai's, dolls collected during travel and of course kids favorites. I love putting together the padi, and this year I was pleasantly surprised when my 6 year old twins joined me and almost without any assistance did the decoration. Starting from unwrapping, to help pin the base "veshti" with beautiful flowers, to placing the dolls. Their questions were re-assuring that they do take interest in our culture, which is a big thing when you raise kids abroad. Like, I enjoyed the argument I had with my son to put the bride and groom together, where he insisted they look balanced sitting on either side of fire. Please enjoy and leave comment below.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3