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Take a peek at Sandhya Shastri's golu from Bengaluru, India

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We believe in keeping this tradition of Navarathri alive by explicitly planning an entire year around this festival. The depictions with these dolls helps people to understand the story behind it and also an interactive way to pass it on to our future generations. The speciality in our Golu is that we make new sequences and depictions every year from scratch in the form of handmade tradition wire dolls. We have over 100 new dolls made for this years depictions.
This years Golu was about the various rituals and the reasons behind them in a brahmin hindu wedding ceremony. We had in details descriptions and depictions of 14 rituals with covers an end to end sequence of a wedding.
Along with this, every year we try to bring back to life a few mythological depictions female saints of India, kanaka dhaara stotra rachne, shankaracharya stories, Seeta apaharana etc..
We also make it a lot more interactive by exibiting the village life and its benefits..

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3

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