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I started keeping Golu about 16 yrs ago when my daughter was 2 years old. It was not a custom in my family to do this but My mother had kept it few times to make it fun for me and my brother. We use to enjoy making our own themes with parks, airports etc as kids. I wanted my daughter to have the same experience and also make her aware of our culture and traditions while growing up in UK. I started keeping for just 1 day due to busy work as an Anaesthetist but now increased to last 3 days. We do this as a family and my son would put all his dinosaurs and Lego toys and daughter would help with decorations. This year I have kept a village from India where I was born and a Village in UK where I live. The joy of sitting under coconut tree drinking fresh coconut, breeze from Aala maram, fresh vegetables, - nothing can beat this in India . In UK the beauty of changing colours of seasons, cold winters sunshine and crispy breeze over our face, greeting each other when we cross people and cosy fireplace , how beautiful. Each place is so different but We are varied and unique in our own ways. Let’s learn to appreciate the uniqueness.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3