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Tell us about your Golu

We have been based in Singapore for 12 plus years and have been keeping Golu since 2008. We started off small with only 3 padis. It then struck me that Navarathri and Golu was a beautiful way to acquire knowledge and tell stories about our roots and culture especially to my children who have been outside India since their birth. This led me to create themes and I have tried telling stories about the Hindu mythology. In the past , we have kept thematic Golus with themes about Tirupati Balaji, Lord Shiva, Shakti , Lord Ganesha , Krishna , Evolution of life and the various stages of life according to Hinduism, Festivals of South India etc .

This year our theme is based on Numbers and their significance in the Hindu Mythology. There was wealth of information and knowledge on this topic beautifully explained in various websites. Every year, I also try and hand make some of the dolls on display, give a make over to my existing dolls and restyle my handmade dolls. The uniqueness of our Golu this year is that I have hand painted the Dasha Avatara ( 10 avatars ) and the painting of Lord vishnu and Devi Lakshmi resting on Ananta Shesha Naga in the Madhubani style of painting. I have also decorated the six dolls of Lord Muruga in the Karthikeya story. The Chettiar couple have their masks on and have a safe entry QR code for entering their Stores which is named "Yen Yennangal Trading Pte Ltd"- following the Covid-19 rules :).

I hope you enjoy my virtual golu this year and by God's grace I hope to come back next year with another theme. Thank you for the opportunity to showcase my passion.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3