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Tell us about your Golu

I am Rajalakshmi Sankaran along with my husband Mr.Sankaran extend our warm greetings to all of you.
Golu represents symbol of unity.Golu is mostly displayed with idols of various Hindu Gods, Goddesses depicting various incidents quoted in Hindu mythological epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata etc.
In my opinion GOLU means
GO- God
L- Love
U- Universal Unity.
In my family and my husband's family Golu is being displayed centuries beyond my count.
After my marriage, we are celebrating Navarathri Golu for 40 years and still on.
In my oriceless collection of idols a pair of marapachi (in Tamil language) wooden idols given by my mother in law(to her, her mother gave) is mire than 120 years old.
I chant Lalitha Sahasranamam twice a day morning and evening on all 9 days to invoke her blessings.
I prepare various types of sweets and savories (prasadam) daily and along with thamboolam and a small momento, give it to the visitors especially ladies and seek their blessings.
During this year in spite of Covid19 we still displayed Golu and invited very few guests only.
So all of you please take virtual thamboolam and bless us.
On this Navarathri festival les us pray Goddess Parvathi(Durga Maata) who is the destructor of evil demons like Manisha sura, Thangadurai to wipe out the deadliest Corona sura(Covid19) and save millions of people around the world.
We thank Saptavarna Creations for giving an opportunity to express our view and display our Golu.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3