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Take a peek at Radhika Subramanian Iyer's golu from Wolverhampton UK

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I am a person who always eagerly await the Navratri Golu season. I have been keeping Golu for almost about 31 years. This year in addition to the traditional seven step Golu, I have dedicated an additional five step to show case the six forms of worship as per Adi Shankara s teaching.
Theme : Shankara's Shanmatham (Six forms of worship)
Sowram : Worship of Sun depicted by Surya and the festival of Pongal.
Ganapathyam : Worship of Ganapathy depicted by various Ganesha moorthy s and modak.
Shaktham: Worship of Shakthi in the form of Karumari, Kamakshi, Bala,Vaarahi and a mini Navratri Golu.
Vaishnavam: Worship of Vishnu depicted by Ramar Pattabhishegam, Puri Jagannath, Krishna, Balaji, Ranganathar.
Saivam: Worship of Siva in the form of Annamaliyar, Natarajar and Lingam.
Kaumaram; Worship pf Murugan showcasing Palani Malai and kavadi ritual, Swaminathan (Murugan imparting the Pranava Manthiram to Lord Shiva, Murugan with Valli Deivanai.

A village scene with temple gopuram , teppakulam and street depiction with dolls showing various activity as pottery, weaving basket weaving etc in kondapali type. A bin is placed to emphasise swachchata (Cleanliness).
The Hrudya kamalam kolam was made by me using paints and glitter paper.
All the backdrop decoration is also made by me using felt, glitter ribbons and paper.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3

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