Take a peek at Priya Siddi's golu from India (+91)

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Let me take u for a virtual tour around my kutty golu. Due to the pandemic we are having a very small display of the dolls. Our theme is mahalaxmi. She is royally sitting with elephants on both the side and we HV ashtalaxmi below. Mahalaxmi is completely made with house hold articles like the kodam, dabbas and hands stitches with cloth. Then we HV thrimoorthigal and the regular golu. Where rama darbar in the first step Krishna and Radha along with haygrivar,boo varaha moorthy and narsimhar in the second step followed by perumal thayar. Then we HV guru raghavendra swamy and chetiaar chetachi along with their kutty shop. We also HV padmanabha Swamy with dasavthar. Hope U all enjoyed the tour. Happy Navratri to all. Stay safe stay happy.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3

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