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Happy Navratri to all of you

Dear all
As a kid I have seen my mom keeping Golu.
After my marriage I am keeping it for past 15 years

This year is very special as it has brought out the creativity within me
Inspired by YouTube craft ideas by one of my Facebook friend deepika from Chennai called Stylo crafts started the work of making radha Krishna idol decoration from plain dolls keeping base as a pic shared by her..the thamboolam plates were purchased from her

Also have decorated Bala Tripura sundari wooden frame idol with hairdress and ornaments

Every year I keep it as normal steps
This year thought of giving a broader view so all themes are seen properly 

Devi in different forms
Krishna avatar ...natkat kannan one section depicting Sri krishna leela
Ravana darbar..Lanka bridge..sanjeevni hill ..kumbakarnan depicting Ramayanam
And some moral stories for kids

Also would like to add we have a shiva parvati family idol which is 35 years old passed on from generations to us

I owe my creativity to my mom and deepika..inspired by her I tried out my imagination and creating radha Krishna doll.Right from hair do ..turban..dress all hand made based on imagination and pics seen
Also due to pandemic return gifts are also handcrafted by myself..small Garland of satin ribbon
Thanks for the opportunity given
Priya Parameswar
Loka samantha sukino bhavantu

Share your Video link if you have any
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3