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Take a peek at Premalatha Aravindhan's golu from Peterborough, UK

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I have been keeping Golu for seven years in UK. This year apart from the traditional 7 step Golu I have kept themes namely Baby shower, Baby's 1st Birthday, Saravana Poigai and Balaji Thirukalyanam.

Every year I choose different theme but this year part of the theme is a continuation from the previous year (2018) South Indian wedding theme. I have included baby shower (Seemantham) and 1st birthday in order to complete the family theme. Main idea of this theme is to exhibit the complete family cycle and also to showcase our traditions and customs for next generation.

I have designed and stitched the Barbie dolls to depict the South Indian style of dressing and make over done with hand made jewelleries. My daughter have handcrafted sweets, fruits, savouries, rices, cake, coconut using materials like clay, puffed rice, etc to make it resemble like the real one. For the 1st birthday it was showcased as Garden party with princess dress code. However, I wanted these functions to be held at a home atmosphere I have created the doll house with miniature doll house furniture.

Alongside the display of marriage event I dressed up Marapaachi bommai as Lord Balaji and Goddess Padmavathi. i dressed up Barbie and Ken dolls as sponsors for the Balaji Thirukalyanam in the presence of progidhar and devotees.

Similarly I have showcased Saravana Poigai (The birth of Lord Muruga). For this we had custom built a mountain with waterfalls where Lord Shiva was placed with light from his third eye pointing towards the pool. Though it is a mythological story, I dressed up karthigai pengal in warrior style of saree drapping and added appropriate hairstyle with period style jewelleries to give more realistic to the theme.

This year golu highlights are Athi Varathar, Sri Ranganathar, Bahubali Ganesha, Santa Ganesha, Model Ganesha (pose like model), Balaji version of Ganesha and more brass choppu samaans.

I tried my best to give more details to each and every element of the theme to make it realistic and treat for the eyes.

Photos will give a bigger picture where video is taken to show the details.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3

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