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I am living in a small 1 RK 330sq.ft. flat. Still, I manage to celebrate Navaratri Golu on a grand scale, for the past 18 years, each year focusing on a different theme.

This year I focused on preserving/saving/protecting, villages, agriculture,farmers, natural methods of farming, water, rivers, forests, wild and domestic animals, birds, parks, open spaces, greeneries, etc.

Rain fountain (double layered), tree house, park (slide, see saw, swing, grass, etc.,) bench, temple, house, cattle shed, paddy fields, irrigation pump for paddy fields, fruits cart and fruits, fairy gardens (bridge, lotus, house, beaches in coconut shells, etc.), have been hand made by me.

My Golu is 96% eco-friendly.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3