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I have been keeping this gholu for the past 6 years.This is my 6th year gholu.Since, Iam living in abroad we have been keep changing places based on our project .So shifting was not easy and convinient for me with traditional dolls .I chose to collect only handy dolls which was easy for our moving.No need to worry or care about the breakage of dolls.I don't have a very big or traditional collection of dolls.I had only miniature version of god and goddesses idols which was made of ceramic,plastic,metal , traditional dolls one or two.Few of my dolls my parents specially bought and sent me during my first year of marriage.All my dolls are very special to me.Each and every place has special memories of my gholu. I believe this festival brings so much positivity,happiness.My childhood has lot of memories filled.With so many friends coming and visiting us .We used to go and visit our relatives and friends house.Sing songs ,yummy sundals all brings nostalgic memories.Being in abroad, I miss the charm and festive modes so much here.I invite friends still my memories always go back to my childhood.This year literally felt low in mood but I definitely wants to boost my mood to keep my gholu and bring positivity around me.Thank you for the opportunity .Happy Navaratri all!

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3