Take a peek at Manjula Aghalaya Sheshadri's golu from United Kingdom (+44)

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Tell us about your Golu

I was born and brought up in Mysore, Karnataka, where Dasara Procession is celebrated with pomp and glory. I grew up seeing my mother keep Golu traditionally every Dasara. I have been keeping the Golu for the last 6 years in the UK. Visiting friends and family during Dasara to see their Golu and also inviting them to visit us, brings in lots of positivity and joy in our lives
I have arranged the Golu in 7 steps in traditional way. My main theme is:
1. Mysore Dasara Procession with "Jamboo Savari", where in Goddess Chamundeswari is carried on the back of an Elephant.
The procession includes soldiers on their horse back, Band set etc.
2. I have attempted to create a "Farm", where I have children are visiting and enjoying their holiday in the Farm with Farm animals and Greenery during theri Half Term.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3