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Hello! My name is Kalyani Mahesh and I live in Melbourne, Australia. Golu has been an important tradition in our family and has always remained close to my heart since my childhood.This is our 5th year Golu at Melbourne. We create a theme-based Golu each year with this year’s theme being COVID-19 pandemic awareness.

It won’t be an understatement to say that the entire world is currently suffering from COVID-19 and governments across the world are doing their best to fight this pandemic. We, as responsible citizens, must contribute to this effort by following the best practices laid down by our governments. In this regard, we present to you our Golu theme for this year - “Social Distancing”.

The speciality of our Golu is that most of the items were handcrafted by me using eco-friendly paper and cardboard, and using techniques like origami and paper quilling to name a few.

Golu decors - The wall hanging flower at the top of the Golu is made from craft paper and is painted at the edges for accent. Similarly, the decorations on the floor like Kundan rangoli, paper diyas, paper flowers and the pista shell plate in the centre are also handcrafted.

Step decors - The Marapachi dolls’ attire are made with tissue paper.The paper masks of Chettiyar dolls and sanitizer bottle are also handmade.

Restaurant - All the chairs and tables are made from origami paper. The tiny vessels are made with quilling paper.

Park - The pond in the park is entirely handmade with paper quilling while the play set (Slide, swing and see-saw) are made from paper straw. The houses beside the park are made from colour paper.

Shopping Mall - The shopping mall has 6 different shops the contents of which are all handmade. All the bags in the handbag boutique are uniquely designed with foam sheets. The cakes, cup cakes and swiss roll in the cake shop and the utensils in the cookware shop are made through paper quilling. The necklaces, earrings and bangles in the jewellery store are made with beads and silk thread. The dresses and sarees in the boutique are made from tissue paper and origami paper. The saree worn by the doll model is also made of tissue paper. The flower pots which are placed in front of the shop are made with paper quilling.

Social Distancing Boards - Every shop front and park has awareness boards placed prominently for the safety of customers and visitors.

Hope you all liked our Golu. Please vote for us.

Thank you Sapthavarna Creations for providing this opportunity.

Happy Navarathri and stay safe.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3