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Hailing from a family with 60 years of Navrathiri tradition in Chennai, all through my life I have celebrated Golu in a grand scale. After wedding I moved to US, I wanted to continue this Tradition. I started keeping Golu from 2018 in US, mainly to inculcate traditional values to my two girls and also to continue this Festival which is a celebration of goddesses. This year we have kept 9 steps. Besides main Golu, we have also kept a mountain and a village set up around the Golu. The theme is Covid and social distancing. There is a Balaji - Padmavathi temple which is accepting only online darshan, everyone in the village is following social distancing, villagers are Wearing masks, there is a park which is empty because of Covid having a warning sign, there is a flower market, ladies mart Store having signs for Covid, General stores, There is an essentials store which sells mini-doll masks, hand wash, kabasura drink etc.,there is a farm which is not having hay-ride due to Covid, there is a home where a girl is attending virtual school, there is a street fast food store who is accepting only pick up orders, a tailor shop which has lot of wait time to stitch masks, a small apartment which is ready to move in, but no one checked-in now due to Covid. All through the Golu we have added funny signs to engage the visitors to visit every little detail in the village area, also to keep the ambience light. Added very small minute details so that it is interesting for the viewers. We hope everyone loves our Golu as much as we did setting it up. Lots of effort has gone in setting up. The overall message from our Golu is - If everyone can follow social distancing guidelines and have faith in God, we will come out of this pandemic and would get back to normalcy.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3