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Hi all
Good day

I am keeping golu for the past 20 years before that also my mother used to keep it.
Every year I used to take one theme.
This year my theme us Srinivasa Kalyanam. As navaratri started on last day of Purattasi.
And each one of us visiting Tirupati but 90% don't kniw how perumal come there and did marriage of padmavathi. So myself and my son collected Google information and made and purchased dolls and items whatever nearby available in this pandemic.
And we kept Srinivasa kalyanam story with tags.
And also usual five steps golu and park zoo and Krishna leela also kept n tags made with dolls.

Ambal face decorated with sombu coconut and pinnal alankaram ornaments.

My son's play items with cartoons etc kept.

NGO kids were making hand made thorans do I bought n helped them n given as navaratri return gift whoever visited here.

I am based out of Noida. My Name is Vidya Sankaran.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3