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I have been keeping golu for the past 18 years and prior to that I was helping my parents and grandparents to set up the Golu. Navaratri has a lot of memories, dressing up, getting sundal, and watching all new doll collection I love to collect dolls from places I visit . I remember the first golu started in our current place was during a transit. I usually come up with themes with the dolls I have . Last year it was a Kurma avatar, as Navratri is always good over Evil. Navaratri is also an option know about our Hindu mythology visually.
This year it started as a simple Golu of three steps instead of regular seven steps. With regular dolls such as marapachi on the first step, Ganesha, and kalsam on the second step and last step my dasavatharam set is from Orisha. Last but not least its chetiyar and his shops without whom the golu is incomplete. The brass collections such as fan, little vessels are from varanasi. Moving on to my highlight of my golu.
I read lalitha Sahasranamam daily in the evening. I was thinking of how people are suffering because of the pandemic and got an idea. How nice it would be if Devi comes down to destroy the coronavirus or Covid-19 to protect us. Lalitha Sahasranamam inspired me to create this year's highlight in my golu Trishakti. According to me my Trishakti was born out of lalithambal. Her three heads represent three Shakthi's that are Brahmani one who creates, Vaishnavi one who protects and Rudrani one who destroys.
As our Hindu mythology always describes Good winning over Evil, given the current situation and pandemic going on, people are suffering because of coronavirus or covid19. I coined Coronavirus/covid as arakan. Arakan means demon or Evil. According to me Trishakti lives in Sumeru mountain which is beyond the Himalayas ,and surrounded by beautiful lotus, elephants and horses. She also has Sree Chakra. She comes down with our constant prayers to destroy Coronavirus or covid arakan.
I have kept a world affected by the coronavirus arakan or demon on the left and Her shakti is depicted as fire which is destroying the coronavirus, finally the coronavirus is destroyed and it is under her feet(true wish). I hand made Devi with details such as sugarcane and sword, all of which are made of clay. This my first time creating a big clay figure. I loved decorating her with jewels and her saree is a combination of three colors (green for prosperity, white for peace and pink for health . Health, peace and prosperity is what the current world needs. Hope this becomes true soon. The dolls on the left are representing the current situation with masks that are also out of clay and there are no people because of covid. Lets all pray for the situation

Lokha samstha sukhino bhavantu.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3