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My Miniature Golu 2020 - 2nd time Golu in my life.
Golu theme: Fusion theme - a mix of tradition and modern along with a mini-theme of the lifetime of Lord Krishna from an infant to an adult.
My little daughter joined me in hosting our golu in an enthusiastic manner.
My kid created CD-rangolis (recycled craft) for our Navaratri golu as well as placing her handpainted pots topped with cotton and a handpainted flower diya.
I have been attending golus for many years and gradually, I fell in love with this lovely and traditional South-Indian doll festival.
I am a fervent devotee of Maa Durga Devi and this is the least I did for my favourite deity --- after all, Navaratri is an ode to Maa Shakti Devi and her nine forms.
Hail Maa Durga Devi! 🙏

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3