Take a peek at Haritha Sriram's golu from Germany (+49)

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Started keeping Golu since 2014. In addition to the usual Golu dolls, I added many items that I handcrafted during the lockdown period this year.

These items are:
1. Flowers of different shapes and forms made out of paper
2. A replica of a pookkalam (floral arrangement on the ground made for Onam in Kerala), but on a glass jar. I made the base by pasting common salt on the jar in the shape of the pookkalam and then coloured it to give flower effect.
3. A blue flower vase made out of layers of waste paper
4. A flower made out of jute yarn
5. A Ganesha picture, made out of food grains
6. A small pen holder made of ice cream sticks
7. The yellow and orange flowers in front of some of the dolls in the Golu were also handmade by me using crepe paper
8. A "flying cup", from which paper flowers are flowing out.
9. The temple in the background was made out of styrofoam.
10. The Sai Baba in the front is a Rangoli.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3