Take a peek at Gomati Kumar's golu from Oman (+968)

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Keeping up the tradition of Golu, we always keep the traditional setting with dasavatharam, Ramar, Murugan, Lakshmi etc. that is our main Golu, we have spaced out the placements this year.
Always Devi comes to our house each year in different forms. This year, she is standing draped in silk, and Jewellery, to shower her blessings on us.
There is always a side thematic presentation. In the past we depict mythological stories using props and contraptions.
This year bearing in mind the prevailing situation, we have done the COVID Kalyanam presentation, maintaining social distance and other precautions. Do not miss the masks on each of the invitees and participants of the wedding.
Hope you all like it.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3