Take a peek at Geetha Sampath's golu from India (+91)

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Tell us about your Golu

We welcome you all to our aathu golu..🙏🙏

Here comes details of our golu:

As per our tradition starting the first step with kalasam along with Krishnar as enga aathu kula devaiyam and our fav❤️.

Followed by our pious Ramar along with his Sita, Lakhmanar and Hanuman.🧘🧘

Then comes this year special our athi varadar in saina kolam.🙏🙏

Followed by our goddess Ashtalakshmi represtenting women empowerment.🤱🤱

Then seeking blessings from our Guru Swami Vedanta Desikar along with Ramanujar.😇😇

IPO inoru stand:😎

Starting with the blessings of our Perumal and thayar. 🙏🙏

Next is this year special again our athi varadar in nindra kolam.😀😀

Followed by our utsavar Veera raghavar and ayagreevar.

Then is our Dasavartharam(10) and Alavargal(12).🧘🧘🧘🧘

Finally explaining the last step of Krishnar's life from birth to Kamsavadham.

Below this is Gajendra moksham showing the power of our Perumal and Ramar sailing with Guhan showing his love towards mankind.

Aduthadhu decoration part:

Cricket players playing match where the viewers are in pavillion enjoying the game.

Next is village theme - ooru ku naduvula pulayar Kovil where archana is going on.

This clearly explains the Nativity of village- arisi pudaithal, keanatril thanir iraithal, kuzhandai ku sadam ootudhal, pump la thani adithal.❤️❤️❤️

Seemandam function is going on with classical instrumental. 🤰🤰🤰

Native talents like shoe makers, hand made baskets, pot makers and many such talents are displayed.

Followed by yummy fruits and healthy vegetable market.

Then displayed is marine world with ships,anchor and boats.

Next is famous monuments like Eiffel tower, leaning tower of Pisa, colleasuem and others.

A round about divides the road into four divisons as follows and also bridge over it:

- A school with playground
- Ramar Bhajans with disciples
- Park where people are having evening walk
- Residential community

Finally the decorations in steps and sides of golu stand are hand made crafts done by me.

Ceiling decoratives are also hand made with lights and 2litre size bottles.

Share your Video link if you have any
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3