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Golu is one of my favourite festival. It involves the whole house hold especially ladies with variety of things like setting up golu, showcasing their hand work, cooking variety of food offering on nine days, colourful kolams and rangolis and much more. Right from school days I used to enjoy this festive season with music, art and golu.
This year I have set up 3 steps with Ganesha, Navarathri Nayakiyar Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi and the Kalasam on the first top step.
In the second step I have arranged the marapachi bommai decorated, Budha with candle holder on both sides and with the Sangeetha Thrimurthis in the middle.
In the third step I have arranged dolls from different nationalities representing England, Russia, Carribean and Japan to show depicting different cultures. Also there is a peacock and an Indian elephant to finish.
On the sides I have made a summer house using a hand painted house with a lighting effect and on the side I have made a small garden with Coconut trees, plant pots and pebbles with a fence around. On the other side is the river side where I have used cardboard pieces for sand, pebbles, fence and a playmat that has got waterways and greenery.

I have made a Kalyanam set using the new dolls of ponnu and mapillai in a mandapam for which I used a beautiful stool carved in wood. I have added few series lights and thamboolam for decoration.

This year concept is Navam so to represent the number 9 and things associated I have made posters of navagraham, nine planets, nava dhanyam and colours that go with each planet, navavidha bhakthi, nine gems (navarathnam).

I thoroughly enjoyed myself in setting up the dolls and to complete the theme I wanted to display this year.

Thanks to Pavithra for this opportunity to showcase my simple golu.
Kind Regards and Best Wishes from Durga Ramakrishnan

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3