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As a part of the Navarathri celebrations, we, everyone from our house get ready to arrange Golu dolls in our house on Mahalaya Amavasai which is an auspicious day. We kept in odd number of steps (padi) [5] for nine nights. We set up the Golu with a lot of involvement and exhibit our handicrafts and toys (made of clay and wood) arranged aesthetically. This is a modest way for us to use our imagination and display our skill and vision of various themes. More Women & Children are visiting our home during this time and Thamboolam is given to sumangalis as its considered very auspicious particularly during this period. We light lamp (Villakku) in front of the Golu in the morning and evening and different types of sundals and sweets are prepared for and distributed as prasadams to guests and visitors. The guests are insisted on showing their talent during this time through various means including singing or playing veena (musical instruments), carnatic music in front of the Golu among other things. We are keeping golu for the past 30 years. This year apart from the traditional 7 step Golu, we kept a theme golu called various festivals of India and also a day in a village and city. All the family members take active part in arrangements. The Bommai golus are proud possessions of a family and they are handed down through generations.
Stories from Hindu Mythology continue to be the favorite theme during Navarathri Golu. We prefer to be creative and opt for something unique.
Apart from the mythological subjects, we opt for festival themes, karagatam, various dance performances, concert, market, village life etc.We also use modern toys to create themes like Cricket, Tennis, Zoo, town, park etc., We use properties like forest, trees, ponds, paddy field etc at home. We explained to children about the importance of man in living in harmony with nature and their fellow living beings viz., (animals, plants, birds etc), going green, importance of wildlife etc.,

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3