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I have been keeping golu for quite some years now. Here's a description of My 5- step Golu from top to bottom plus some tit bits...grass on the side

Top most Padi: Kalasam: A container of fertility- the Earth and the Womb both of which nurtures and nourishes life.

Manifestations of the same cosmic energy that creates, sustains and destroys - Raamar, Shivan and Parvathi, Perumaal and Thaayar, Maha Vishnu.

Second Padi from top: The ten avatars of lord Vishnu representing the endless cycle of birth and death.

Third Padi from top: Marriages - are about three things- Memories if togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes and a promise to never give up on each other + Ganesha- the remover of obstacles!
Lakshmi and Krishna - consort and incarnations of Maha Vishnu!

Fourth Padi from top: Baby Krishna - again incarnations of Maha Vishnu.

Bottom Padi: Chettiar and Mrs Chettiar, an adorable couple who represent the trader community.

Tit bits on the side: Animals and Birds - Part of nature + Covid -19 special - dolls wearing home-made masks and playing while following UK Government guidelines regarding Social distancing.

Golu festival is a lively melange of colourful dolls. Thank you for this opportunity.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3