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Explained our Golu below ;

We have been keeping Golu for the past 24 years without fail and have been only improving every year. In the initial stages, the steps were used to be prepared from wooden planks, trunk boxes, tables, small utensils, trays etc.

And the step decoration started off from simple glitter hangings to contemporary and complex pattern of string LED bulbs.

At our house the step assembly itself is seen as a mini function where the eldest member of the family to the youngest member takes part joyfully.

This year as usual, we have arranged Statues of Gods, Goddesses and other divine beings on 7 big steps and have created a big park section (8 feet x 6 feet) and the theme for the same was “Diorama” (A three-dimensional miniature model of a scene depicted in a naturalistic setting) consisting of the following:

Mount Kailash where Lord Shiva along with Maa Parvathi and Baal Ganesha are divinely taking their seats and providing the blessings (mountain created with cloth and cardboard modelling and plaster of Paris artwork for base and thermocol for steps).

Forest with lush green grass covering the entire forest section with lots of wild animal figures arranged to depict the natural habitat.

Airport Runway with original like lighting, Aeroplane Hangar, Terminal building, ATC tower and Aircraft Taxiways. 

Along with the commercial planes on the runway, we have placed realistic model of Rafale fighter aircraft. (The plane was made out of products like empty shampoo bottle, bottle caps, cardboard, pencils and toothpicks).

Temple complex with multiple sanctums containing many deities along with Temple Car, Nandhi and Main Gopura in its rightful places.

Cityscape depicting the hustle and bustle of a modern city with various houses, bridges, roads and street lights and modern supercars.

Children's park, all decorated with multiple dolls and action figures and decorated with sparkling lights depicting the joyous children having fun time at the park outing.

Tropical holiday setup with juice bar on a white sand beach and cerulean blue water, decorated with holiday flags to depict the tropical retreat in times of Corona lockdown. (Beach enclosure made on a cardboard, using original white sand and gift wrapper for blue water)

Aircraft carrier INS VIKRANT prowling the azure waters of the beach guided by the Light house in the beach shore (Ship made out of package cardboard cut in shape and embedded with multi colour LED bulbs which involves complex wiring and circuiting for powering up with batteries for runway lights and realistic radar tower made out of product boxes pasted together and the Light house made out of various package materials like cardboards, plastic sheets etc.)

Finally we have recreated a scene out of a live music concert from a very famous Korean pop music band “BTS” .There's a huge fanbase in India for BTS who wish to be part of their concert including me. So here we have prepared the concert as if it is being held in India. (The stage and gallery was made from product boxes, and the audiences were made out of package materials and toothpicks)

Apart from the above, the Golu room lighting is generally of a unique pattern every year. This year it was a pink lotus blooming from the ceiling made out of LED strip lights arranged in the lotus petals pattern.

The best part of Golu this year was every member at home had time and energy to contribute towards the setting up the Golu decorations and creating the diorama models. Even the 4 year old member of the family was joyfully contributing in the efforts by interrupting and taking apart the models which ultimately had to be redone. 

This Golu, during the Work From Home Setup has made the entire family to come together and contribute and, will be one to cherish for a long time. 

This COVID-19, has come as a boon and bane simultaneously. Boon in this case.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3