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I am Aiyswarya Venkatakrishnan, from California, USA. This is my first time, I kept Golu in USA. It's been 4 years in the US, since my son was small I didn't keep Golu for past 3 years. Now that he has grown up and understand things better, I thought of keeping the Golu, so that he can understand the festivals that we celebrate.

For this year, I haven't kept any theme, as I don't have much dolls this time, I kept it as a simple one. My Golu is shown in 3 steps. On the top shelf, I kept Krishnaa in front of a handmade backdrop by me. The backdrop I created is with a foam board, where I drew the shape I wanted to and then cut accordingly. Decorated it with diy paper flowers. Then moving on to the left, there is kamadhenu, perumal and thayar followed by Kanchi Periyava. Coming on to the second shelf, I kept Guruvayoorappan, Rama Sita, Kalasam in the middle, Shiva, Parvathy, Ganapathy and Murugar, then followed by Andal. On the third shelf I kept Sai Baba, Fruit vendors, small Radha Krishna, Kuberar, Lakshmi Narasimhar, Hanuman, Little Krishna, then Paavai Vilaku on both sides. On the left side of the Golu display, there is a DIY jula Krishna. I made the swing using the canvas board and tied with thread and hung it on the ceiling lights. Decorated it with fake Vine leaves just to give a landscape look.

I kept diy temple set, which I made with foamboard and decorated with glitter sheet and serial lights. It is a Shiva temple, which has Ganapathy sannadhi on the left. Behind kept two trees and a layer of fake grass sheet for pathways.

The theme I have chosen for park is winter wonderland. I have decorated the park with miniature bench, chairs, table, few Lego toys and a snowman. A horse carriage like a carriage ride setup. To the left and right corners kept a fence kind of structure, and added street lamps, then twisted with serial lights for lighting. Kept a train track and train that runs around the park that resembles the 'Polar Express' which completes the theme 'Winter Wonderland'

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3